Raceway In Action

Princeton Plasma Physics Labs is a national center for Fusion and Plasma Research. This is an collaborative effort between PrincetonUniversity and the Department of Energy.


In 2015, PPPL was desiring to renovate an open unused space to create a new research lab space.  They desired to have an electrical system offered them the electrical capabilities they needed now, but with future flexibility, they move from one research project to another.  They ended up choosing both Starline Plug-in Raceway and Starline Track Busway for their lab.

When planning its new laboratory space, PPPL’s designing engineers recognizedthat science is constantly evolving and imposes continuous changes in thefacility infrastructure. In order to accommodate these future changes, the lab hadto have a modern design that would be able to adapt to future, various layouts.Unfortunately, using traditional power methods often results in outlets that arehard wired in place. Not only do these inhibit layout changes, but in most casesthey also lead to expensive rewiring work in the future that wastes valuableresources and time.“The objective for the electrical design in the new lab space was to incorporateinfrastructure flexibility for the changing environment of plasma research,” saidPower Engineer Craig Shaw with PPPL.With flexibility being a major concern, PPPL needed a power distribution systemthat would grow with its space, as opposed to being a main obstacle for futureinnovation.